Half-Orc Monk


LN, 22, 6’3", 220, Resident bad ass.


Rafaelusk, or Raf for short, is a half-orc who was raised as a monk of the Red Knight order. As a baby, he was left on the doorstep of the Featherdale orphanage. Being an outcast because he looked different from the human children, he spent most of his childhood keeping to himself. When he eventually grew to be taller and stronger than his peers, he tried to be accepted by protecting the weak and enforcing the rules to keep order, even going so far as to learn to speak Giant to further scare bullies. A few years later, a monk by the name of Splinter traveling through town noticed Raf’s noble intentions and decided to stay in town and teach him the ways of the Red Knights. When Splinter felt Raf was ready to continue his training on his own, he went back to his wandering ways. Rafaelusk joined the Featherdale town militia and helped to keep order in the town, where he got to know his fellow traveler Drac. Things were fine until a few months later, the fateful day of the Zent attack.

Raf helped to get many townsfolk underground during the attack, saving as much of the town as he could, along with a few other extraordinary gentlemen who would become his traveling party. He built a bond with Drac, Shane, Barron, and kind of got to know an elf named Lev, as they searched the underground for a few days to find a way out. Eventually they do and help the townsfolk to the next city to begin to rebuild. They meet a little dude named Snipe along the way.

Once in the new city, Raf gets word that his master Splinter had been slain by one of his former students, Shan. Raf visits his master’s grave and swears vengeance for his fallen master. As he and his friends investigate a fraud church plot, he finds out Shan is one of the men helping a cult to invade our plane from the shadow realm. Traveling to the shadow realm and through many monsters, the group finds Shan, and with the help of Lev as a bear, Raf gains vengeance for his master. Shortly after, his team runs into a dragon, and though the fight is perilous, the dragon is eventually slain by a kick from Raf.

The group returns from the shadow realm and find their town being rebuilt. Lev and Snipe disappear. But they also find a giant pink lady named Isis and a hunter named Lucas. Upon checking the hunting lodge nearby, it is learned that the forest is being overtaken by a werewolf war. Raf beats up a lot of werewolves, but has a tough time as they can only be affected by silver and his only silver is a dagger. Raf supports his team as they hunt down demon wolves and help resolve the war.

From there, they find that Barron and Shane’s father still lives. They are joined by an elf named Daethin and a man with amnesia nicknamed “Lucky.” The group decides to see Barron and Shane’s father. Raf goes along to support his friends, but is also very interested in hearing that their father runs a monastery. However, once arriving, he meets with the head trainer Taj, a lizard man, and quickly learns that these elves are not monks. The group helps fend off some Drow, then decide to leave when tensions are high between the family members.

Leaving Barron and Shane behind, Raf leads everyone else into the fabled city of Myth Drannor, where they meet Devon, a flying cleric as Raf understands it, who offers to travel with them in search of his temple in the city. Once inside, “Lucky” uses his magic to wild results, and no matter how many times Raf tells him it knock it off, “Lucky” refuses to listen, which angers the monk. As they continue into this crazy city that won’t give Raf any time to strategize, he and his friends are attacked by wraiths, whom apparently kill or take Lucas before they are beaten. Before the heroes can catch their breath, a horde of creatures sends them running until they stumble through an invisible door into some type of catacombs. Once inside, they meet a man who knows Isis, Maryius, and his guard, Clyde.

Clyde and Raf immediately but heads due to Clyde’s overly aggressive nature, but Raf suffers through it so that Isis may talk to Maryius and learn more of her past. After leaving Myth Drannor, the heroes found more clues to Isis’ past and a pest problem of Intellect Devourers under the twisted tower of the nearby city. They travelled underground for what felt like days only to realize they were not well enough prepared. Upon returning to the entrance, Marius was assassinated my mystery men and Isis was being targeted next. Raf felt anger at the death of another friend, and after this attack, decided to do whatever it took to stop Isis’ attackers from accomplishing their goal. Determined now more than ever, Raf lead everyone back into the cave, and while searching, came across evil Drider men and a weird stone with bad aura, that Devon took. They found Devourers town and were shocked to see Isis’ attackers attacking the same monstrosity they themselves came to vanquish. Raf felt confused to these men’s intentions, but before things could be said, an explosion divided Raf and his friends from the secret assassins.

With all signs now pointing to our heroes to find Isis’s old friend Horace in a plane called Sigil, Raf suggests a trip to see his old friend Naja, who he knows knows how to get around the planes. Devon travels with the heroes to ensure safety, but then declares he has more to do and leaves the group, but not before begrudgingly entrusting Raf with the weird stone. Naja happens to be housing Shane and a goth cleric named Evial. The new roster of the Featherfalls Heroes go through a portal and find themselves in Sigil. Raf feels slightly at ease at first, because he can walk around without any weird looks. But quickly losses that ease when he realizes what other creatures roam around without a glance in this town. With the help of an eccentric kid named J. Taylor, they find old man Horace who explains all about the Temple of Wisdom and how Isis, or Ciera, was on a quest to save some scholars who had been wronged. Wanting to help, Raf and the others quickly agreed at saving these men.

However, returning from Horace’s place, the heroes ran into some demons looking for trouble, with no help from Clyde, and wound up in Sigil jail. As they were released, anarchists attacked the prison and the gang got taken quickly to another insane plane along with a winged man named Ruthraxiel, who quickly earned his keep, but also made Raf weary as he continually talked about drinking people’s blood. The gang got back to Sigil where they ran into Lawrence, the leader of the assassins, who threatened them to stay away from the Temple of Wisdom. His warnings and stubbornness only infused Raf with wanting to bring justice and set these scholars free even more.

The gang then went and got info from a crazy man in a mental ward about how to get to the Temple, and traveled through a land with warring demons and devils, but they found the portal and entered the pocket dimension where these scholars were to be found. After being chased by assassins into a nearby castle. Inside the castle, they see a lot of eery things and find a man in yellow playing a flute. When asked how to free the scholars, the man points to the corner. When the group enters, a contraption of some sort sits with two stones in it that look similar to the one that Raf has been watching over. His friends tell him to put the stone in. The room felt eery, everything felt wrong to Raf, but his friends tell him it’s the only way to free the scholars. Raf fought his gut feeling and every urge in his body to run, and placed the stone in. Reality shook, the assassins appeared, and so did an unbelievable, mind bending monster called a Shoggoth, that immediately disintegrated them. The heroes were tricked. They ran and barely escaped a horde of evil creatures like none they had ever seen before. They escaped with Lawrence, who finally told them the truth and that they had just brought about the end of all worlds. Raf vowed at that moment to do what it took to make things right, and from then on if he survived, to make sure he’s never tricked again.

Lawrence took the team to find a creature that could stand a chance against the evil scholars and their creatures and when found, the creature demanded a sacrifice. Raf immediately stood up due to his sorrow for letting the stone fall into the machine, but it fell on def ears as the goth cleric and Lucky fought over the honor of dying for the cause. Ruthraxial ended up sacrificing Lucky and a giant creature emerged. The plan from then was for Raf and his amazing friends to distract the front door with a few assassins while the creature comes in and the assassins attack from the back. While attacking the front door, Isis is swallowed by a giant worm and saving her was impossible. In one day, Raf lost two friends and he blamed himself, and he was enraged. They broke down the door and found Horace leading an evil orgy ceremony. Raf immediately charged Horace with rage in his heart, with full knowledge Horace had betrayed them, not even letting Horace explain why. Horace turned into a freaky bug monster, but that didn’t deter Raf from stabbing him to death. After that, the heroes saw “Lucky” the giant monster attacking the Shoggoth. Then, they ran into the man in yellow summoning something, and destroyed his contraption to do so, and shaking reality again, sending all the heroes to another plane.

They awoke in the Abyss with one of the assassins, Lillian, still with them and turned around to see a giant monster coming there way. It stopped as a man cut his way out of the creatures belly. Another man came hobbling after. Raf and his friends offered to help the two men to get back home, but something about their deal with the church that sent them into the Abyss didn’t sit right with Raf, and after vowing to never be tricked again, he is doing all he can to make sure no one is playing him or his friends for a fool.


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