Hedge Witch with suspicious timing..


Naja is a lovely woman, tall and curvaceous with black hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin that suggests a life regularly out of doors. She usually wears elegant but practical dresses that accent her figure without being actually revealing, and greets the world with a friendly, even flirty smile.


The party first encountered Naja on their way to Whaeloon, at a tavern on the road from Chandlerscross. She spent the evening chatting with Drok, and got him and the rest of the party to agree to escort her to her cottage near High Moon. Along the way, her magical prowess was evident in the few encounters they had, and upon reaching her cottage, she gave the party many potions that were far more potent that normal.

Though they parted ways, the heroes soon encountered her again in the plane of shadow. She was mucking through a swamp with thick hip-boots, apparently collecting components for her spells and potions. She was surprised but happy to see the adventurers, and accompanied them to a settlement where they met the rogue “Kal”. It was she who talked him into guiding the party, and then took her leave.

Once again, however, she found the heroes in the Black Rift, showing up shortly before they took on the black dragon Despayr. As she showed up just after the party had been fighting another foe, and entered the chamber from a part of the rift that had not yet been explored (and was presumed hostile), some members of the group were becoming wary of her. But she helped to heal up the heroes and provide them with more potions, so there didn’t seem to be any ulterior motives.

Naja has described herself both as a “mystic” devoted to Mystra, and as a hedge witch, and she appears to be able to cast both arcane and divine spells, though it’s not clear how. She is adept at making potent potions in her cauldrons at the cottage she keeps near High Moon. She often comes off as very feminine and flirtatious, but she seems to have no problem getting her hands dirty, quite literally, digging through mud and muck to find the magical components she needs for her arcane pursuits. Though some of the heroes had become suspicious of her, she has remained on good terms with the party, and will likely be friendly to them in the future.


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