A glib commander in the Cerulean Sign


Lawrence is a man of average proportions, usually seen in travelers’ garb of a more fashionable variety when not on the job. When working, he wears light armor and usually sports some sort of mask. His weaponry is nondescript and apparently interchangeable- he does not seem to prefer one type over another.


Lawrence first encountered the party in the Crying Slaad Inn, where he attempted to talk them into abandoning their quest to reach the Temple of Hidden Wisdom. However, since he could not actually reveal the secret behind the temple, his vague and ominous hints were taken as threats by the heroes, who were already suspicious and hostile to the Sign.

He ran into them again inside the temple, where he and the other Sign warriors were too late to interrupt the activation of the machine. After the Shoggoth attack, Lawrence was the only survivor, largely because he was crushed nearly to death under the pews of the church and not outright consumed by the horrible monster. He was picked up and revived by the party, but was unable to offer anything but terrified babble for hours.

Upon coming to his senses, he explained what happened, and it was revealed that he was also the one responsible for Isis being deposited in Feather Falls after she erased her own memory. He also helped the heroes escape Carcosa (sort of), and arranged for them to assist the Cerulean Sign in attempting to stop the Cult of the Yellow Sign from completing their ultimate goal. It remains to been seen what he will do if this task is completed.


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