Denizen of the Shadow Plane


Kal is a shorter, wiry grey-skinned man with blue-grey hair. He usually fights with two curved swords, and wears loose pants and an open vest.


Kal was first encountered in the Plane of Shadow. He was hired as a guide by the party to bring them to the Black Rift, and at least did that much. He didn’t seem overly concerned with helping the party in combat, though he did help a few times.

However, after he was picked up by the black dragon Despayr and carried off, the party didn’t see him for a few days. He ended up climbing back up one of the cliffs and found them, missing most of his gear and looking pissed. After that, it was personal, and he fought alongside the adventurers for the rest of their adventure in the shadow plane.

Kal had some sort of link to the plane, and he used this to help him hide and move around from place to place while there. Also, Drok’s magic that was only supposed to affect evil creatures seemed to have an effect on him, as well. He stayed in the plane of shadow after the party slayed the dragon and hasn’t been seen since.


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