The Heroes of Feather Falls

Catching Up

Our heroes continued with their odd journey with notable events along the way:

  • Lucas was lost, apparently turned into an amulet (or simply destroyed) in Myth Drannor. This amulet was inadvertently left with Shae. Its current location is unknown.
  • The party discovered additional information( Eldest, First World, Cyrnum Silvertoes) about the King of Winter from the ruins of Myth Drannor. While in these ruins, the party met an old friend of Isis, before she’d lost her memory, named Marius, and his guard Clidlebrigo. The two joined the party. Marius told Isis about how she was from Arcadia, her parents were merchants, and she was working with Marius and an old man named Horace on an important task.
  • The party returned to Shadowdale and investigated the caves underneath the Twisted Tower. They found few drow, but plenty of abberations, including driders (who they recovered a strange, unidentifiable gem from) and a settlement of intellect devourers. Marius was assassinated by masked men who also showed up to destroy the monstrous city with explosives.
  • The party then decided to seek Naja to help in travelling to the planes, as Horace was reportedly living in the Hive Ward of Sigil, the City of Doors. Devon left the party as his work required him to stay on Toril, but Shane returned to the party just in time. They also took on a cleric of Kelemvor named Eviel. Naja was able to bring the party to Sigil, and left instructions to meet her back at a bar called the Crying Slaad in three days time.
  • While in Sigil, the party enlisted the aid of a man named J. Taylor to help locate Horace. After finding him, they learned that the mission of Marius, Horance, and Ciara (Isis) was to locate the Temple of Hidden Wisdom and free the scholars that were trapped there by the Cerulean Sign, the masked men who had killed Marius and tried to kill Isis.
  • The party set out to find information about the temple, but got into an altercation with some dangerous demons. The Harmonium guards came to the scene and imprisoned all survivors. Just as the party was about to be released, however, members of the Anarch faction attacked the jail to spring all the prisoners.
  • The party “escaped” along with a winged creature named Rothraxiel and an Anarch named Anna. Anna brought them through a portal to the town of Windglum in Pandemonium, where they laid low after the attack (and got pretty drunk). When they returned to Sigil, they seemed to be in the clear, at least for now.
  • Continuing the investigation, they visited the Weary Spirit Infirmary and found out that a fellow compatriot of Marius and Ciara (Isis) had been transferred to the Gatehouse, the local insane asylum run by a faction called the Bleak Cabal (Bleakers). They found Rigo there, but he was kept heavily sedated for his own protection. They copied the notes and sketches drawn on his walls (in blood) and brought them back to Horace.
  • Horace was able to piece together between Rigo’s sketches and Marius’s notes the location of the portal to the Temple of Hidden Wisdom (at the Scratch Wall in the Slags), as well as the portal key to it. They were able to create a duplicate portal key using the magical pigments Isis carried.
  • The party set out for the Scratch Wall and endured a brutal battle between some demons and devils. They were barely able to flee while Shane covered their escape. His location is unknown. At the portal, J (who had been left to guard Horace) appeared, and decided to join the party. He said Horace told him to come along and help, he would be fine.



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