a few legible pages

(Found on the body of the man who had been eaten by worms outside of Shadowdale)

Subject Ciara Tynus resurfaced in SD at OSI?? Left before being recog. Observe.
CT appears to have no memory still. Travels with group. Who?
Adventurers. Problem? Will report to R.

Continued missing persons under tower. No one suspects. IDs? Continue to observe. Corruption in wood spreading. Related?

CT & adv. try to gain access to E’s tower. Memory restoration? May have to intercede.
CT & adv. now meet with T (Forlarren) in wood. Led to witch’s hut. Cannot follow. Will find later, continue to report.

Discarded husk found in river. Concealed. Signs of IDs. Will need more assist. Underground hive likely.

CT & adv. leaving area. Planar witch? Problematic. Turning over to L for continued surv. & prevent contact w/the Old Man.

a few legible pages

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