The Heroes of Feather Falls

The Story So Far

After returning to the village of Feather Falls, our heroes discovered that their neighbors had a little spunk left in them yet. The surviving villagers had returned and were slowly putting the town back together. Carmen and the others celebrated their return, and let them know that the town’s rebirth had a good deal to do with the new route being taken by wealthy nobles and hunters to the Ascanor Hunting Lodge in the Ascanor woods to the north west. She sent the party to the Lodge to speak with the Warden there.

Arriving in Ascanor, our heroes quickly learned that the Lodge has a werewolf problem. The ancient woods of Ascanor have apparently always been home to a number of werewolf packs, but lately they have been more violent and unpredictable, seemingly at war with each other. As the party began to investigate, they uncovered the involvement of the lodge warden, Estovion, in this chaos; he facilitated an alliance between a secret cult of Zhents called “the Whispering Way” and Mathus Mordinacht, pack leader of the Silver Wolves to slay the old pack lord Kvalca Sain and take his heart. Mathus consumed part of the heart and claimed that he was now the Packlord of Ascanor, but the Whispering Way made off with the rest of it. The other packs, however, could tell that Mathus’s claim was incomplete, so they fought against his attempt to subvert them under his rule.

The party journeyed to the center of this calamity, the Stairs of the Moon, and uncovered Estovion’s treachery, striking him down after defeating his summoned werewolf ghost. Upon reaching the top of the tower, the party defeated Mathus and made an uneasy alliance with Cybrisa, another pack leader, who quickly consumed Mathus’s heart to claim his pack as her own. She told the party of the need for the heart, and the party raced after the Zhents to stop whatever they had planned.

RhakisAlong the way, they encountered Rhakis, pack leader of the Prince’s Wolves, who claims to be the only real ally to the humans of the wood.he also has a bad habit of walking around completely naked when he’s in his human form. The Prices Wolves, he says, have always been guardians of the forest, and all life within it. If the party gives him the heart, he promises that he will use his leadership to bring peace to Ascanor. Not entirely certain of his intent, the party reluctantly accepted his offer of assistance and continued on after the Zhents.

They have now reached the ruined city of Feldgrau, and discovered an old acquaintance Duristan, the foolhardy hunter from Ascanor who claimed to be skilled in defeating werewolves. He turned out to be infected himself, and turned on the party, attacking them in his hybrid form. He was defeated, and the heroes tried to save him from his affliction, but he could not be freed of the curse. He was put out of his misery, and the party has moved on, heading farther into the ruins to find the Zhents and end this war.


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