Shae O'Doyle

A small, dark-haired girl that seems like she's living in another world entirely.


Shae is a short young woman with long, dark hair and wide green eyes. She seems to have some sort of disconnect with the world around her, sometimes looking at everything with child-like wonder, and other times completely uninterested in anything but what she’s studying. Perhaps socially stunted, she often says odd or awkward things that others may not find appropriate, though there seems to be no malice behind any of this.


The party encountered Shae in her cottage in the woods north of Shadowdale. They sought her out to help discover more information about the Winter King, but it turns out she was the one who brought Lucky to the First Lands, along with Ethan. Though she claims that “Glen” was a bad person and was highly amused at what had befallen him, she seemed to have no issue in assisting him and the party.

Shae answered just about every question without reserve, and while some answers may have been odd or cryptic, she came across as blatantly open and honest. She very much enjoys looking at Petunia, and also Isis’s hair. She also seems to enjoy company, either from the adventurers, or her “friends”, which are presumably fey. Shae has admitted to being “a little” fey, on her father’s side. She also claims to not be afraid of the Winter King, or Lucky/Glen, or just about anything else.

When the party left her cottage, Shae had promised to see what she could find out about Lucky’s debt or condition of servitude to the Winter King, and she will presumably continue to be friendly to the party in the future.

Shae O'Doyle

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