The quiet "brother" of Ethan


Seth is a quiet elven man, of average elven size but with a well-muscled build. He keeps his black hair short, and his rich skin tone speaks to a gold elven descent. He is usually seen wearing exclusively black.


Seth is one of the elves of the Monastery, and seems to have some sort of position of authority there. He considers himself and Ethan to be brothers, though it has been clarified that this is not a blood relation. He has been polite and respectful with party members, though not very talking; this seems to be his nature.

Seth confided to Shane that Ethan is “a good man”, but the fact that he didn’t reveal his survival after news of his death was spread is pretty typical of the man. Seth seems to understand the frustrations of his “nephews”, and he doesn’t have any illusions about his brother’s irresponsibility.

Though things at the Monastery ended on a bad note, Seth is likely to be friendly (or at least polite) towards the party in the future.


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