Werewolf Pack Lord of Ascanor


Rhakis Szadro is pack leader of the Prince’s Wolves, a werewolf pack that draws its origins back to the ancient history of these lands. Legend has it that a forgotten prince who had dominion over the forest sent agents into the woods to watch over the denizens, including the werewolves of Ascanor. Over time, these agents became werewolves themselves (though the reason for this is a subject of great debate). The Prince’s Wolves are connected to no kingdom at this time, and live as gypsies and vagabonds, but claim to always be working to protect the forest and keep the peace.

Rhakis is very typical of his pack, and perhaps that is why he makes such a perfect leader for them. He is silver-tongued, quick thinking, and sly, but that makes it hard for people who spend much time with him to know when he’s telling the truth or not. Strength at arms doesn’t seem to be his calling, so his pack is likely one of the few that doesn’t prize brute physical power over all else. Information and cunning are more his style, and he surprises many with what he learns and figures out. Whether he is a trustworthy ally remains to be seen.


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