The Scribe of Elminster


All the party has seen of this man is his eyes, but crows’ feet at the corners suggest he is at least of middle age.


The party only briefly dealt with the maining claiming to be Lhaeo, Elminster’s scribe. He opened a small sliding panel on the door and spoke with the party, letting them know (with heavy suggestions of annoyance) that Elminster was not at home, and he was not expected at any particular time. He was able to inform the party that, as they had previously learned, Lucky was indeed marked by the fey, though he did not know by whom. He also claimed that Elminster was not an expert on the fey and may not know anything to be of any help.

As the party asked who may know more, it seemed as though the man was about to answer, but the spell cast by Lucky prompted him to immediately shut the panel and sound the alarm. The party has not spoken with him since, and he will probably not be friendly in the future.


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