Glen "Lucky" McElroy

Crafty wizard with a sordid past


Middle-aged human with dark brown hair and short beard. A tattoo of a hand-print is etched on his forehead. Lucky usually has a friendly demeanor, though he often exhibits complete ignorance of social graces and cultural norms.


After an encounter with a giant, winged reptile, a man lied face-down in a riverbed, nearly eviscerated. The Heroes of Feather Falls healed this man and invited him to join them in their travels. Having no memory of his name or past, the group decided to call him “Lucky.”

Before his memory loss, this man was known as Glen McElroy, an up-and-down bastard by all accounts. During this time, McElroy made a pact with the fae lord known as the King of Winter. Until recently unaware of this pact, Lucky failed to honor it, and the King of Winter dispatched his faerie minions to retrieve him. As of now, they have been unsuccessful.

In the city once known as Cormanthor, the party found a library with a wealth of information on the fae. Among other things, the group learned that the King of Winter can only be killed outside his native realm. The wheels in Lucky’s head turned, and he began concocting a trap to lure the King of Winter to the Material Plane.

Glen "Lucky" McElroy

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