The father of Barren and Shane, a charming but seemingly insincere elf


Ethan stands at around 5’7" or 5’8" (depending on his boots), with an average build, shorter light brown, and an easy smile. He speaks in a friendly tone, and is usually seen wearing typical travelers’ or adventurers’ clothing, along with a wide brim hat. He usually carries a long sword from one hip and a short shord from the other.


Ethan was first finally encountered by (the rest of) the party at the Monastery near Myth Drannor. He seemed surprised by the arrival of his sons, but pleasantly so. However, his casual exchanges with them proved to be unsatisfying overall. He seems to value his work (whatever it is) above all else.

Some information he was able to provide: Shane’s mother is truly deceased, not still secretly alive like himself; Barren’s mother is alive, but she is apparently a horrible person; Barren was rescued as a child from the Nine Hells and brought back to Faerun by his father.

Ethan also appears to have some sort of familiarity with Lucky, who he called “Glenn”, and asked him if everything had gone “according to plan”. This was not explained further.

Ethan seems to be in some sort of position of authority at the Monastery.


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