A caustic elven rogue who joined the party to pay a debt.


A slight moon elf with milky white skin, medium length black hair, and brown eyes. At 5’4" and fine-boned as she is, she won’t be winning any arm-wrestling matches. She wears mostly black and grey utilitarian clothing, with many belts, pounches, and a bandolier of throwing daggers. She also carries two foreign-looking short-swords.


Daethin first encountered the party in Feather Falls and abruptly offered her services as a “lock smith” and “scout”. She explained that she owed an unspecified debt to the father of Shane and Barren, and that she would repay that debt by helping his sons. She would not elaborate on the debt, and seemed unconcerned as to whether the party accepted her or not; she would just find another way if they refused her. Ultimately, she was accepted.

At first, she volunteered little information about herself, though her exotic fighting style and odd looking short-swords hinted at some kind of specialized training. She did tell the party that Ethan worked out of a Monastery in the woods, and that she did as well. At their request she took them there.

She has seemed fairly unconcerned and even rude with the rest of the party (even Shane and Barren) outside of combat, but she has been useful with her lock-picking skills and her throwing daggers. When either of the brothers has been in real danger, she has stepped up and stood beside them, so she seems to be keeping to her word.

Daethin has expressed very little of her own views, with the exception of things she dislikes; she is fairly vocal in that regard. She doesn’t seem to like Ethan or Aerin, so why she works with them is anyone’s guess. She hates the drow, and went on at length about all the terrible things they do. When asked about the Monastery and how everyone came together, she clarified with Isis that they were NOT friends, but didn’t go into any further details. She only said that they “knew each other from the war”, referring to the battles with the drow.

She has mostly been evasive and aloof to the rest of the party, though there have been brief moments of revelation and connection. For instance, she found the story of the party meeting Aerin to be hilarious, and congratulated Shane for sticking a spear in her leg. She also made her feelings about the drow very clear. And lastly, she did seem to feel genuinely awkward and perhaps even sympathetic about the interaction between the brothers and their father, as well as her role in “reuniting” them, such as it was. She didn’t seem amused by the situation, or even indifferent to their frustrations.


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