Aerin Makir

A cold elven woman who works at the Monastery


Aerin02Aerin is a tan-skinned wild elf with scowling hazel eyes and auburn hair framing her tattooed face; around one eye is a stylized owl’s wing, and below the other is what looks like a wolf’s paw print. She is well-toned and muscular for an elven woman, but she’s still fairly small, standing at around 5’5". She dresses in blacks, greys, and greens, carries a long sword, and seems to always meet the world with an unfriendly demeanor.



Aerin was first encountered by the party at the Ascanor Hunting Lodge shortly after the spider attack. Shane noticed someone watching them from the trees, and he turned and threw a javelin at her, which struck her in the leg and knocked her out of the tree. Though she was EXTREMELY annoyed, she did figure out that she and the party shared a common enemy, the Zhents that she had been tracking. She turned the matter over to them, revealed that Shane and Barren’s father was alive, and returned to the elven woods.

Upon the party’s arrival at the Monastery, Aerin seemed less than pleased to see them. However, she did have some civil conversations with the heroes over the few days they spent there. And once the party offered their assistance with the drow, she was happy (the term is used loosely) to put them to work in their attack on the drow camp. She was even complimentary of their efforts after the fact.

Once Barren violently interrupted a strategy session, however, her civil veneer cracked and she made it very (loudly) clear that Ethan had better get his house in order since the party was becoming such a disruption to the operations of the Monastery.

Before the party left, Isis was able to gather a few details from Aerin. Her facial tattoos are a part of her tribal ancestry, and she has had them for some time. They are unrelated to Lucky’s tattoo. She also said that she steers clear of the faerie folk, but that Ethan may know more about them.

Aerin does not seem to hold a specific enmity for the heroes, but given the circumstances and her demeanor, she will probably not be friendly to the party in the future.

Aerin Makir

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