The Heroes of Feather Falls

Ups and Downs

Late in the night, Ethan arrived at the monastery and spoke with Aerin, presumably about his sons’ arrival. The next morning, he was there for breakfast and spoke jovially with them, almost as if he hadn’t abandoned them years ago. He also said he would be joining the attack on the drow camp, and he was looking forward to seeing what the party could do. He also made some strange comments to Lucky suggesting some familiarity with him, and called him by the name Glenn.

The heroes were giving the task of striking first and drawing the attention of the drow, but not in a direct attack; apparently the elves of the monastery value non-elven life at least enough not to waste it in a suicide attack. They were able to position the party to get a surprise attack and catch the dark elves unawares, and then the elves would flank and take out the rest of the camp.

The battle started off well, with Barren’s firey attack frying a squad of drow in their tent instantly. However, once roused, the drow were dangerous with their sleeping arrows and managed to take out Isis and Lukas early on. With the odds tipped against them, Shane and Raph waded valiantly into the melee, supported by the magic of Lucky and Barren and the stealthy attacks of Daethin. But as some spells fizzled, Barren was dropped by another poisoned arrow, and the drow priestess emerged, things started to look bad.

But the heroes fought on. Shane dragged himself battered and bleeding through the drow warriors to get to the priestess, powered by pure rage. Lucky managed to blast powerful lightning through the drows’ natural resistances. Raph kept the foes from slaying his helpless comrades. Isis fought off the poison and hurried to aid Shane. And just as it looked like the drow would at least take the barbarian down with them as they died, Ethan emerged from the woods and hurled a dagger into one of drow that was poised to kill his son, which proved to be enough to drop the already-injured warrior. They dispatched the priestess, and the brutal battle was won.

There was some subdued celebration back at the monastery, and even the elves seemed to be warming up to the party. Relatively. Lukas and Taj traded weapon crafting secrets, Barren had some bonding moments with his father, and Isis even managed to get some chatting out of Aerin and Daethin. Lucky took a look around while others socialized, but wasn’t able to find anything useful. Things seemed to be going pretty well.

But the next morning, a hungover Barren was accidentally told some interesting news. Not knowing that this was a secret, Daethin mentioned that Barren’s mother was still alive, as well. Enraged by this additional deception, Barren burst into a strategic meeting held by Aerin, Seth and Ethan, and overturned the carefully arranged map in the center of the room as he yelled at his father.

That proved to be the last straw for Aerin, who started yelling back, though mostly at Ethan. Ethan pulled Barren out of the room and into the garden while Seth stayed to calm Aerin down. In the garden, Ethan explained that Barren’s mother had some sort of infernal ties, and that once he found out that the boy was born, he had gone to the Nine Hells to get him back. His mother was dangerous and cruel, and Barren would’ve grown up a slave to the devils of the Pit. Still angry, Barren left his father there, but Ethan confessed that he was glad he had gone to get him, even so.

Daethin came to the rest of the party and told them that, even though they weren’t being “kicked out”, it was probably best that they left because of the commotion and the reaction it had caused. Obviously there was more going on than the party was privy to, because Aerin and Ethan were having a very heated conversation when Shane came to say goodbye. Father and son shook hands and parted ways, possibly for the last time, and the party set out for Shadowdale, to see what more they could learn about Lucky’s past.


Dey’s drunk night was foreshadowing Vegas!

Ups and Downs

But you were the drunkest! Well, maybe Pablo.

Ups and Downs

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