The Heroes of Feather Falls

Unfriendly Reunion

Ethan showed up late that night with a larger, dark-skinned gentleman with him. He looked surprised to see the party so soon, but was cordial with them. Once Lucky started asked questions, however, Ethan’s companion grew enraged and slammed him against the shed, saying that he had “some nerve showing his face again”, and menacing him in a threatening manner. Raph was able to pull him off, and Ethan tried to calm him down, and eventually the man wandered off grumbling.

When asked what the exchange was about, Ethan said that “Glen” had been doing experiments on the fey to discover the secrets and sources of their longevity and enchantment magics, and had done so with an associate of the man. He also admitted to essentially setting Glen up to be neutralized by the King of Winter, since he was becoming a threat to fey and other denizens of the forest. Giving Glen what he wanted by providing access to the fey lord’s court and making the introductions proved to be much easier than trying to take the wizard on himself, and apparently had done the job, at least for a while. He didn’t seem to have any remorse for his part in the arrangement, or for what had happened.

Pzo9036 wyvernThe following morning, the party set out for Myth Drannor, wisely taking the long way around to enter the ruined city from the west; Windsong Tower was said to be located near the western edge of the city, so it was safer than cutting straight through. Safe proved to be a relative term, however, as when the party entered a small clearing, they were set upon by several ferocious wyverns. The draconic monsters did hefty damage to the group and almost carried off Isis, but the heroes were able to ultimately slay the giant beasts with might and magic.

But not without cost; Shane sustained terrible injuries, and was unable to continue. Barren returned with him to the Monastery so that he could recover properly, and Daethin agreed to take their place, fighting at the head of battle instead of just watching their backs. So, with the party dwindling in numbers, they entered the ruined city of legendary danger.



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