The Heroes of Feather Falls

Return to the Monastery

The heroes continued on the road to the Monastery and spied a suspicious globe of darkness off deeper into the wood. They investigated and determined it was some kind of drow camp, using the darkness the shield their resting; they must be new to the surface.

After some quick planning, the party fell upon the drow with tactical strike supported by a barrage of powerful spells. Even the dark elves that heard them coming were powerless to stop the assault, and the heroes made quick work of the invaders. One almost got away, but Daethin followed him into the forest, and returned contently without comment shortly thereafter.

Once the battle had ended, however, Lucky received the premonition that something was attempting to scry on him. He concentrated, and was able to learn that whoever was spying was on another plane of existance. He also received the image of a squat, gargoyle-like creature staring into a mirror and snickering. Once it realized Lucky had figured it out, however, it looked startled, made a sound, and immediately cut off the scrying spell. With that, the image ended.

The party finally arrived at the Monastery, much to the annoyance of Aerin. The party was afforded their earlier accomodations.. in the shed.. and Seth told them that Ethan was out, but was expected back that evening. The heroes cooled their heels in the meantime; Raph went and sparred with a new face, a shadowdancing elf named Corvin, who’s upbeat attitude was a refreshing change from the rest of the “monks”.

Lucky somehow talked Aerin into obtaining the location of a library that might provide more information on the fey within Myth Drannor. There was apparently the remains of what was once Windsong Tower, a magic academy in the lost city. All that was left of the tower was its crypt, but there was supposed to be a library there. The party’s next destination became the infamous ruins of Myth Drannor.



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