The Heroes of Feather Falls

Into Myth Drannor

The party, which by now consisted of only Raph, Isis, Lucas, Lucky and Daethin, stood on the edge of the Westfields, a clearing to the west of the city; from there, they could see the crumbling spires of the once-great Myth Drannor, which had been a beacon of greatness and cooperation in an era long, long past. The air was heavy with time as they’d been growing accustomed to in the ancient forest, but now the feeling was accompanied by some kind of energy, as if the hair on their arms stood on end.

As they prepared to enter the city, Raph spotted a great eagle flying overhead. The partied readied themselves as the eagle descended, and they were soon able to make out the form of a rider on its back. Once he came close enough, the rider hailed the party, trying to determine if they were friends or enemies. He then landed farther off and approached on foot, a plate armored figure with a winged helm.

The man introduced himself as Devon, a devoted warrior of Shaundakul, the god of the winds. He was here to investigate the rubble, recover lost artifacts of his church, and perhaps find the hidden shrine to his god amidst the ruins. As the party had a similar goal, he offered to join them, and provide his assistance. It turned out to be a wise alliance.

Just inside the boundary of the city, they were ambushed between crumbling buildings by demonic, slime-covered emaciated forms that lunged out with barbed spears. The vicious creatures shrugged off the party’s attacks and tore into them with spears, claws, and even savage bites, threatening to slaughter the whole group. Luckily, Devon’s sword struck true, and Raph was able to pull out a cold iron kama that could cut through their hides. Thanks to his superior aim, Lucas was able to fire a second shot before the first wound closed, giving his bullets a chance to do more damage. Isis just used her strength and power to hack as deeply as she could. But poor Lucky’s magic was hindered, as his first spell accidentally enlarged one of the demons, then they completely ignored his powerful lightning spell, and finally his summoned dinosaur immediately turned on him, due to the Mythal’s effects. Finally, the party was able to take out the demons (and the dinosaur) without any casualties, but they were left with the choice of either retreating for now, or pushing through to the remains of the tower, and whatever perils lays within.



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